Mary Jane

A nnouncing the addition of the new Lunch Rock Restaurant, a 16,000 square foot jewel atop Mary Jane Territory that boasts service to five of Winter Park Resort's seven territories, opening during the 75th anniversary 2014-15 winter season! Featuring Colorado themes throughout the restaurant, Lunch Rock will be state-of-the-art while paying tribute to Winter Park's storied past.

F or generations the area known as Lunch Rock at the top of Mary Jane Territory has been a place for gathering, a place of respite, and a place of unparalleled beauty. Beginning in the winter of 2014-2015 it will also be home to one of the newest on-mountain amenities in the country, the Lunch Rock Restaurant, where historic legacy and the promise of a spectacular future meet under the watchful eye of the Continental Divide.

As with anything at Mary Jane, it begins with a nod to the rich history of the area, where hearty adventurers would scale the top of the mountain and reap the rewards of a spectacular view as well as deep, untracked powder. Since those early days, the sole adventurer has been augmented by skiers and riders of every age, ability, and skill-set, but the rewards are very much the same. Lunch Rock at its core is still a place to catch one's breath and marvel at the majestic vistas while gearing up for the day's next feat.

Lunch Rock Restaurant is a 16,000 square foot marvel of architecture at over 11,000 feet in elevation that simultaneously embraces its past. An expansive 150-seat deck is perfect for the sun-worshippers who have flocked to Lunch Rock for years, while a new state-of-the-art 250-seat indoor restaurant and 28-seat bar brings comfort and convenience. But in a building replete with amenities, it is still the beauty of the area that is the main attraction, with breath-taking views of iconic Parry Peak, James Peak, Parsenn Bowl, the Fraser Valley, and the Continental Divide. Lunch Rock Restaurant does not compete with this environment, but only serves to enhance its enjoyment.

W ith five different lifts servicing the top of Mary Jane Territory, on busy days Lunch Rock sees in excess of 7,000 people pass by each hour, making the presentation of the restaurant pivotal to its success. Constructed with a combination of steel, wood, and stone, it gives off the feel of a cozy mountain lodge while fitting seamlessly into its environment. Utilization of repurposed wood, pine beetle kill, as well as energy and water conservation techniques adhere to the strict eco-friendliness that Winter Park Resort has always held paramount to any on-mountain construction project.

Lunch Rock Restaurant is also able to be enjoyed year-round, becoming the perfect venue for not only dining and relaxing, but also weddings, retreats, and group functions. Most of all, Lunch Rock Restaurant is a staging point for the day's next adventure, whether it be on skis, bikes, or relaxing next to the fire with a glass of wine as the sun sets. In addition to providing an opportunity to refuel body and mind, the restaurant features spacious restrooms, retail area for stocking up on provisions, and hydration station.

Most importantly, it's a space designed to appeal to the spectrum of those who enjoy and love Mary Jane. The ardent Mary Jane loyalist whose prime focus is to ski and ride can use the facility for a quick refresher before heading back to the world-famous bumps and trees, while the guest looking for a more relaxed experience can sit on the deck and enjoy a leisurely lunch in the shadow of spectacular Parry's Peak and the continental divide.

So while Lunch Rock Restaurant serves logistically in terms of more space and more amenities, at same time it satisfies the spiritual needs that have drawn people, and kept people coming back, to Mary Jane for generations.

"We wanted a bigger facility," says Gary DeFrange, President and COO of Winter Park Resort. "But as we thought about what this facility should be, we wanted to make sure we stayed with the tradition, so the building needed to look like it belonged and it needed to look like it was really something we would build at Mary Jane. As you look at the architecture, you'll see that."

The project began on April 21, before Winter Park's 2013-14 ski season even ended, with the demolition of the previous Lunch Rock building, which had stood for more than 25 years. Helmed by commercial builders Calcon Constructors based in Englewood, Colorado, Lunch Rock restaurant is scheduled to be completed in late November, with a grand opening planned to coincide with Winter Park Resort's 75th anniversary season.