I n addition to unique features and amazing views, what sets Lunch Rock Restaurant apart is its menu, which puts a new spin on classic Colorado cuisine. From hand-crafted sandwiches to delicious pizza, all the food items at Lunch Rock Restaurant stay true to the roots of Mary Jane Territory and are constructed with Colorado-sourced ingredients.

Beyond the mundane burger and fries available at on-mountain eateries found at most ski resorts, Lunch Rock Restaurant features instant favorites like The BLAST, which includes Heritage Farms bacon, fresh lettuce, ripe avocado, hand cut salmon and local tomatoes served with crispy smashed red potatoes, or the delectable Butternut Squash Soup, in which butternut squash is slowly roasted and cut into chunks before it is blended with stewed apples, a special blend of herbs, and smidge of cream.

The Food:

E ven a ski area staple like pizza is given a fresh twist, starting with the Ratatouille, where sliced tomatoes and Lunch Rock pizza cheese are layered atop the artisan crust, topped with sautéed eggplant, zucchini, squash, peppers and onions and baked to perfection. The images below are all the different sandwiches, soups, stew, pizzas, and salads we have available at Lunch Rock.

High Craft Beer:

I t's not just the food at Lunch Rock Restaurant that is mouth-watering however, as the High Craft Bar features 12 different craft beers, all of which have been brewed in Colorado. Headlining the slate is the legendary Mary Jane Ale, which is now created by Colorado's iconic New Belgium Brewers. From its construction to its completion just 178 days later, the hallmark of Lunch Rock Restaurant is and always will be the seamless amalgamation of old and new; classic and contemporary; legacy and promise. Enjoy Winter Park Resort's newest jewel!